Monday, November 16, 2009

Good House – Claude Megson

lgegg51621lgegg31621 NZ House and Garden magazine just featured this 1969 Megson house on their website.  The commentary starts provocatively:
    “Today’s building code would never stretch to accommodate the ideas of renowned architect Claude Megson. Some might say that’s a blessing but others would argue it is genius lost.”
I would be one of those others.
That’s not to say Claude’s ideas always worked out precisely as he hoped – one of his clients once told me that “Claude always floated about six inched off the ground” – but as the son of a builder he was always grounded in what could be done, and it allowed him to understand what should be done.
Designed in 1969 for an artist and his landscaping wife, this house at Waiatarua in West Auckland is on just  0.4 hectares of land overlooking the city.lgeg1621
     “Heart rimu ceilings and floors make the home warm and hospitable. The exterior is clad in vertical board-and-batten cedar and there’s a long-run steel roof. It ticked all the boxes for family living, with a separate cubby hole for the couple’s three children to play in and a world outside the windows to explore.
    “Tucked into a lush landscape, the home enjoys supreme privacy, with no need for fences between the neighbouring properties. The kids roamed the bush as if it was one big park, their only complaint that there was no dairy handy.”
Read the whole article by Claire McCall here.
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Kathy said...

Wow! the house looks so relaxing! My husband and I are looking for possible designs for our house, and this one gave me an idea. I want a house that will fit our big family (we have 2 daughters and a twin son), where they can all play and relax during summer. My husband looks forward to a place where they can swim in a clearwater. Flooring has been my fetish and I want to have the best in our future vacation house. I m glad to visit your site. It gives me that urge to finish our house pretty soon.

Lee John said...

The house is really good and looking great!
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